We empower parents and caregivers with the safest, most effective method to clear your family of head lice. With over 350,000 treatments performed with less than 1% of our clients needing to be re-treated, stand behind our Signature AirAllé® Treatment for 30 days.


  • The AirAllé Device

    Our FDA-cleared medical device delivers a controlled, heated flow of air directly towards the scalp and hair roots, where the lice live.

  • Not Just a Blow Dryer

    The difference is the precise temperature and the proprietary, single-use applicator tip. The heat and air flow are measured to dehydrate the lice and nits without harming the patient, while the specially designed tip and trained technician insure that the air penetrates beyond the insulating layer of hair, directing airflow right where lice and their eggs are located.

  • One Treatment = One Hour

    A precise treatment pattern is followed to insure all lice and nits are exposed to the treatment. In one hour, the client leaves lice free without long comb out sessions or exposure to pesticides.

  • Effective

    Conventional pesticide treatments are becoming less effective as lice develop resistance. Airalle uses forced heated air and the natural effects of exposure. Lice and nits cannot conserve water in their bodies when exposed to the measured blast of heated air.  They quickly become dehydrated, drying up and dying during the treatment.

Conventional treatments look to kill lice with pesticides, herbal remedies or suffocation solutions. The FDA-cleared AirAllé® lice treatment medical device** kills lice and eggs through dehydration. This is a revolutionary alternative that is both effective and requires minimal to no follow up at home. The device, which was invented by scientists at the University of Utah, kills lice and nits through a proprietary process combining precise temperature, airflow, time and technique.


How can lice be killed without harsh pesticides? That was the goal of the AirAllé® lice treatment device** developers. After years of research, the initial clinical study conducted on over 500 people with head lice demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the AirAllé® lice treatment device** (see published data in the peer-reviewed Pediatrics and Journal of Medical Entomology). Since then, follow up studies and thousands of successful lice treatments have proven the efficacy of the Lice Clinics of America treatment process.  The key to our success rate is that unlike the traditional topical pesticide/solution approach, the AirAllé® lice treatment device** is especially effective at killing lice eggs (nits), which traditional topical lice products can miss. This allows us to back our treatment with the confidence that we haven’t missed a nit that will cause a repeat infestation.

  • Science Based Innovation

    The original concept for the AirAllé® device was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Dale Clayton at the University of Utah, where he is a professor in the Department of Biology.

  • The Spark

    Dr. Clayton successfully cultured lice on captive birds, such as common pigeons, for basic research purposes at Oxford University in England. But when he moved his lab to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, he found that he couldn’t keep lice alive on captive birds due to the arid Utah climate. An idea was formed.

  • Necessity is the Mother (Father) of Invention

    When his elementary school children came home with head lice, Dr. Clayton thought that he might have a solution. But how would he create the “arid climate” on his children that he knew he needed? This sparked the seed of the idea for the Airalle device.

  • The Device

    The culmination of years of work and prototypes was the 2006 publication of a paper in the journal Pediatrics, along with a press release by the University of Utah. What followed was a massive response from worldwide media and enormous interest in the device. There was obviously a critical need for a new solution to the treatment of head lice.

  • Today

    A network of well over 100 clinics worldwide prove out the devices’ efficacy on a daily basis. Thousands of satisfied clients leave our clinics lice free. Follow-up studies (Journal of Medical Entomology) continue to scientifically document that the AirAllé® Device (originally called the LouseBuster) is highly effective at killing lice and eggs.